Nathan Nelson and His

Entertainment Crackers


The Entertainment Crackers are an Atlanta based Americana/Rock ‘n Roll  band.
With three songwriters in the band, their repertoire is chock full of authentic original material, then bundled with an amalgam of both obscure and nostalgia driven covers.

Nathan Nelson emerged onto the Atlanta Blues scene in the early 2000's.  With his rich, commanding vocals and powerfully soulful playing style, Nathan quickly became an artist that audiences sought out and local musicians were eager to collaborate with. Established players such as Bill Sheffield, Donnie Mccormick (Eric Quincy Tate), Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers) and Blackberry Smoke, embraced Nathan as one of their own, and he became a fixture at many blues venues all over Georgia.

In late 2007, Nathan connected with Dave Roth and Andy Tomko, who are transplants from Florida and Pennsylvania, respectively.  However, with Dave's unconventional, groove laden bass  playing and Andy's faithfully potent percussion, you would swear that these three musicians grew up playing together. And so it was that The Entertainment Crackers were born.

In a few short months, The Crackers culminated a signature sound that enriched classic blues standards, and spawned original songs that audiences have grown to know and love. Nelson’s lyrical style gives listeners an unfiltered view of his perspective of the world.

While Andy moved to California in 2012, Dan Sheffield (son of aforementioned Bill) started playing drums with Nathan and Dave, and so became The Entertainment Crackers 2.0. With the addition of fellow singer-songwriter Hayley Gray (keyboards, guitar), and the return of Tomko in 2019, Nathan and the Crackers have now hit a compelling new stride.

The Entertainment Crackers are currently in the process recording a new album, and booking dates for 2020.

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