• Daydream6:23
  • Devil's Front Porch5:24
  • Clarity Train4:43

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‚ÄčHayley Gray 

Hayley Gray and The Medicine are an exciting group based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Led by singer/songwriter Hayley Gray, their style flows through Rock, to Blues, to Country, to Soul, The Medicine can cover it all, and are dripping with original material, there is no shortage of material or entertainment. Hayley and her band are down home, passionate, and just plain exciting to watch. Get your dose of the Medicine while you can.  Inside you will find a musical odyssey. The pages are torn with tales of the blues, but her musical influences are like the spectrum in a rainbow. This beautiful siren is the captain of her own ship, and she can sail through the musical seas with ease on the piano, or the guitar.