DEBORAH MAGONE grew up in Rochester, NY in an immigrant Italian family on Lake Ontario, long ago a vital stop on the underground railroad near the Canadian border.  Because many former slaves settled in Upstate NY, blues, blues rock , rock, jazz, & R&B were her influences growing up as a child.  Deborah grew up loving music, art & political activism in such a diverse city of numerous well known musical artists & activists like Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas. Since then she’s been crowned NY’s “ Queen of Blues Rock” by Freetime Entertainment Magazine & other local media .  She was advised by an Epic Records A&R person to move to LA. So she did.

      Her very first effort  “Deborah Magone, Blues Boogie & more….” was voted #1 blues cd by listeners of WDYN independent radio in Rochester, NY.  Paying tribute to old blues favorites like “Little Red Rooster”  as if you were sitting on the front porch with Deborah sliding on her dobro,  Deborah also included her rock blues song “Queen Bee” her signature original song of a lustful Queen, then there’s “Habit With You” a sultry, jazzy blues song of heartbreak, written & performed by Deborah & Michael Carter was voted #1 requested song on the playlist by the same listeners. Another cut “Forever” a beautifully haunting acoustic ballad of love, loss & reincarnation was a favorite & given extensive airplay in Asia.

Deborah’s second “ Rock & Kick Your Ass Blues” ©dm cd effort “Alternate Realities”  touches upon the split realities of the last decade and a half for the citizens of America fighting corporatism gone wild in the hard hitting rock song “It’s All About Money” to remembering about the power of love & that we are all one in the driving blues of “One World” . All songs of substance driven by a 3 octave powerful vocal range that can rock or sway you, like a messenger, right from the best most powerful activist music of the 60’s , presented to you on a Les Paul guitar thru a British Marshall amplifier, or a beautiful acoustic.

    A quadruple threat and an original artist on the infamous House of Guitars / Mirror Records  label .  Deborah is currently receiving international exposure & airplay, stretching from the United States into Canada, Argentina, Australia, France, the UK & Asia.  A member of the Grammy community Deborah has had projects up for consideration in the 54th, 55th and 57th Grammys , the last one titled “ Black On Blue “ had lyrics written by Bernie Taupin , Elton Johns lyricist, & music by multi-platinum award winning producer Mark Paladino  (Stevie Nicks “Edge of Seventeen”) .          

She also received Producers Choice Award for “Best Female Rock Musician 2012”. At the LA Music Awards. 1 of 7 bands picked from over 10,000 submissions to perform live for the event at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, California (where she actually worked as the front door bouncer at the start of her career in LA.).  Producer Ron Nevison (Led Zeppelin, The Who, Heart etc.) was in attendance and expressed his desire to work with Deborah’s stating that “Deborah is an  electrifying powerhouse ,… she commands the stage”.

"Bonnie Raitt with balls" a touch of “Beth Hart and Melissa Etheridge with a splash of Robert Plant.” – Recording engineer, Santa Monica ,CA

Magone was requested to open for Eddie Money at the world renowned Lilac Festival in Rochester,NY to a crowd screaming for an encore, reluctant to let her go.                                      
“This girls got it!” -  Eddie Money

A motivational speaker and health advocate, Deborah suffered, died, was revived, and survived Severe Ulcerative Colitis & alcoholism in her youth.  She’s been sharing her experience and helping others on a very personal level to achieve wellness in their lives, making the connection between thoughts, emotions, stress, and illnesses.                     

A one time student of  Rochester, NY jazz guitar legend Richard "Dick" Longale ,and the only female member of his famous "Wailing Wall", Deborah Magone has jammed with some of the best between New York & California such as Peter Frampton , Talas ( with Van Halen in the wings watching ), Dakota, Shooting Star, JJ Bad Boy Jones , The Campbell Brothers Tammy Diddley (daughter of Bo) , GRAMMY winner Janice Marie Johnson ( A Taste of Honey), Chris & Joe Beard , Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix), & Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge) among others. She’s played in venues too numerous to list, including a six month stint at the House of Blues on the Disney lot in Anaheim, CA.

Deborah Magone also has the distinction of being the first female rock singer to play at Attica State prison in 1981 as she and her band volunteered for a new experimental program to bring music to the inmates during the holidays. She was of course a hit with the very appreciative audience !

        Magone stirs your emotions, to let you feel something irresistibly powerful. She has something to say that will most definitely rock and inspire you to the core of your soul!  Deborah performs solo  acoustically in addition to her rock & blues band MAGONE and is available for motivational speaking engagements regarding her experiences with Severe Ulcerative Colitis and the road to recovery. 

Deborah Magone


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