Queen of the Bremen

SS Bremen

Marlies Adams-DiFante


Marlies and her brother Peter

Queen of the Bremen: It is 1939 when five-year-old Marlies Adams travels with her family on a transatlantic journey from America to Germany so that her mother can visit her terminally ill father. As the SS Bremen leaves New York Harbor with Marlies and her family as passengers, Marlies has no idea that what is intended to be a three-month stay will turn into a seven-year struggle to stay alive in a living hell.

Marlies and her husband Dominick

Marlies speaking about her book.

The Passenger Manifest from the Ernie Pyle.  The ship Marlies and her family took when they returned to the United States from Germany in 1946.  They are passengers 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the manifest.

Marlies (age 5) and her brother Peter (age 6) in Naples, NY 1939 before her family went to Germany.

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