Deborah Magone, Mike Green (Iron Butterfly) and Elizabeth Maletta (CEO Legacy Bound Entertainment)

Legacy Bound Entertainment was established in February 2007 by Rochester, NY native Elizabeth Maletta.  A singer and recording artist herself, Elizabeth has recorded in NYC, Nashville and Buffalo, NY.  Additionally, her songs have gotten substantial airplay on college radio.  Maletta's achievements notwithstanding, she immediately discovered the tension between staying profitable as an artist and commercializing artistry.  This insight explained why it was so difficult to get an artist's music heard by the major record labels.

To counter this trend she made the decision to start her own record label, management and booking company.  Elizabeth gives many talented artists the opportunity to have their music heard.  Known throughout the independent music grapevine as someone who "gets the job done", and does not exploit talent for profit.  Her artistic passion, commercial savvy, and artistic integrity have created a name for going the distance and getting the job done.  She has been successful in her management, booking, promotional and radio pursuits.  Because of this determination and success, artists continue to pursue Elizabeth to work with her nonstop.

Elizabeth has expanded the company to include other sectors of the entertainment industry.

"Legacy Bound Entertainment is committed to allowing our artist's talent to shine through in their artistry.  We allow our artist's to be who they are as individuals.  With their own identities, visions and images.  This is what sets us apart from everyone else in the industry.  We have created an environment where our artists can hone their talents and produce works that are true to their creative vision.  We help the artists develop their personas and expand upon their influences but to not lose sight of who they are."